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The Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, SGAE) is the main collecting society for songwriters, composers and music publishers in Spain. It is similar to AGADU, ASCAP, GEMA, SADAIC, SACEM and SAYCO. The philologist, poet, composer, scriptwriter, movie and television director and producer Antón Reixa (1957) is the Chairman of the Board of Directors since May 2012. SGAE was founded in 1889 as Society of Authors of Spain. In 1995, its name changed to Society of Authors and Publishers, seeking to accommodate cultural editors.

An angry former employee said this in a review “The Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers has a toxic work environment of exclusion. Upper management practice business model, "Rank and Slash!" The practice of firing a few employees, randomly, with out cause, done to fulfill some vague report. 10 year old software with a team of 18 people to support the world, we had half our team leave in the last 100 days. (Voluntarily.) A job that on my 10th day working here, forced everyone to write a review. At gun point, metaphorically speaking. A business that will force you to sign your legal rights away before you can start working."


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Marcus Ruggiero says

"Zero customer service I’m living over to a professional company TUNECORE Cd baby is a company for armatures I can tell by the way they conduct there customer service which is Nil."

Mick Paul says

"CD Baby allow third parties to apply content ID to audio they do not own the rights to. They have ignored my request made via their webform to remove infringing material and are therefore illegally profiting from audio they do not own the rights to!"

Chris Walker says

"User: krisirie Selected Pro Publishing on the release of 'Return To Love' never completed it - trying without success to cancel the process. We have recently been admonished by CdBaby that we are locked into a process we never completed for 1 year."

Cristiano Mello Andrade says

"CD Baby isn't paying all roaylties, they are really stealing all artists in the list, the client service have no answer about when you ask, they just don't know how explain. Since the Service was sold to another group of investors this is happened, If you have the some trouble please comment more here, we are getting a group of artist to move one law action against CD Baby."

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